My passion is my kitchen

My personal photos: From first to last...
~My YiaYia, this was her 100th birthday, I miss her every day.
~SPANAKOPITA!! The best little pockets of love!
~My beautiful parents, married over 55 years and still in love!
~My babies...the reason I breathe...
~The man who completes me!

~My life long dream is to cook/bake for people. I've always done my own dinner parties, my daughters' sweet 16 (with help from her Godmother, the awesome, creative soul that she is), and nothing makes me more happy than seeing people smile from something I've made.
During these past 5 months, being home, got me thinking, maybe I should take advantage of this time, so I did! I created the page, (Efrocini is my Greek name), posted a few pictures of my favorite items and began! I welcome any and all questions, special requests and feedback so that I can make my shop a great one :)

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